Monday, 10 October 2011

our neighbor ???

10/10/11 - Benefits Derive from Good Foreign Relations

it's take time for me to think about this topic...
but for my next meeting we needed to discuss about this topic....
Good Foreign Relations here mean country that being our neighbors...
for examples our neighbors is Indonesia,Thailand, Singapore,Brunei and Philippines..
then for the task that we need to complete on that weeks is who our neighbor gives benefits for our country.

so,as usual we will form few small groups...then lucky me because for this sessions,
 I will partner with Kak ILA..
then country that we will present is Brunei...
then small topics that we discuss is about how Brunei brings benefit for our country.
so I will present how Brunei benefits our country in tourism..
as we know, Brunei near with Sarawak, so it quite gives benefits for that state.

Brunei society usually will go to Sarawak for holiday or shoppings.
nearest places for them to have a holiday is MIRI ( city just like Kuching ).
other than that Malaysian society also can visit Brunei for holiday trips.
both of our country and Brunei each require not only in tourism, but in other side to.

okey..only this I would shared for my EEP entry
wait for next entry..

(norlia halmi entry)

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