Monday, 19 September 2011

~ first meeting ~

just now i want to share about our first meeting..
first of all...what is EEP ???
i'm also don't know what is EEP....function of this course...huhuhu
that why i come for our first meeting !!!
this new subject was related with SDG that we had done before...but EEP more to learn about our own interesting right..??
hurmmmm...actually EEP is stand for LIVING IN THE MULTI-CULTURAL SOCIETY..
this class (should i called it class??? hrmmmm..whatever lar...)
this class should be conduct at 5 pm- 7pm on Thursday ...
but we all in group RM stand for (RINGGIT MALAYSIA) was soooooo...... lucky...
our lecture . . . MADAM NORAZILA BINTI ALI a.k.a MADAM ZEE , very kindly change our time and day that suitable for all of us join our meeting (^_^)
then just now...our session for meeting EEP was on MONDAY at 3.30 pm . .
then she (our madam) shortly brief about the important of this course and benefits that can us gain through this EEP especially in improving our 3s.
okey..! that all for first meeting us...for the syllabus and the details what had we discuss on the next entry...
see ya....

(liya halmi entry)

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